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Rope bowl class

I mentioned in the last post that May was crazy busy. One of the things that happened in May was my taking a class on making rope bowls.

I have received a few rope bowls as gifts over the years and love them. But even with all my sewing background didn’t have the confidence to play on my own. Rope is thick and heavy and intimidating looking.

When a guild member showed rope bowls last year and several members asked for her to do a class, I jumped at getting it scheduled. And boy am I glad I did.

There is something in the making of rope bowls that I find very soothing, almost meditative.

At class our kit contained enough rope for four coasters and one bowl

Two I layered with fabric because…..well why not? And as I got more skilled at stitching in circles, they got better and more consistent in thread coverage.

When I got home that evening, I pulled out some non-cotton rope and started playing with an oval shape.

The non-cotton rope was a bit harder to coil and definitely not as easy to smoosh a nice ending. But it’s a learning process.

So far I’ve only made these ones.

But I’ve ordered more rope. And I have a new machine (well new to me) coming in that I can’t wait to work with. (Honey, if you’re reading this, I didn’t spend very much.)

I can’t wait to see what angle I can get on the sides with this machine! The possibilities are endless and my mind races with design shape ideas!

I’ll leave you with the coasters in actual use. The metal coasters in the living room work great with hot drinks. But cold drinks tend to stick to them and then when you lift the glass they fall and clatter. Rope coasters to the rescue! And they’re the perfect size!

Until the next time, stay safe, happy and creative!


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