June! And it’s hot!

Morning folks! It’s June, which means a lot is going on. But first let’s catch up on what’s been happening.

Nothing bad, but wow, crazy busy. When I put in the garden, I knew it would be time consuming, and it is. It’s not the hard physical labor stage now, but it’s the water and weed stage. And that takes time.

The weeding wasn’t bad, until I spread leftover straw from doing the front landscaping to help keep in moisture. And unknown to me, I must have gotten grass seed mixed in with it. And I spread it on everything included the containers!

So now I have baby grass growing where I don’t want it and still have more seeding to do where I do want it this fall. But it is helping retain moisture, which with this heat is a good thing! and a few veggies are starting to produce.

The red pepper flakes did help and I finally have corn coming up. Plus I’m seeing less squirrels!

Everything needs fertilized though. New soil and the ph is good but it needs nutrition added.

On a stitching note, May was cross stitch maynia with Fat Quarter Shop (and historically with a no longer in existence Facebook group). My goal was to stitch every day for at least 30 minutes. And I DID IT!!! 🎉 That’s huge for me!

Another goal was to get caught up on both Fall on the Farm and Glitter Village projects. I made my goal on Fall on the Farm. Block five is done. I do believe I was on block three when I started and they’re supposed to be monthly blocks in the SAL (stitch-a-long) that I’m doing.

I didn’t do as well with Glitter Village, which was also on block three at the start of the month. I’m just a fence and two trees away from it being done.

And it would have likely been done if I hadn’t started the May Calendar Crates Farmhouse Quilts piece. But I needed a break mid-month to stay motivated.

There’s a lot more that has happened (again nothing bad just busy) but this is probably enough for now.

Stay healthy and happy and creative and I’ll post again soon!


P.S. on that hot note in the title, we’re in the 90’s right now. Tomorrow is predicted to be 94F which nothing outside will like, not the animals, not the new grass, not the garden. But in a couple days we’ll drop back into the 80’s (I hope!).

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