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A bit of advice to all the younger generation who are purchasing houses and doing landscaping….. think long and hard on what you can maintain as you age.

Now I know that staying in one home for decades hasn’t been a common thing as we tend to change jobs more frequently than in years past. But it’s always been our plan to age on this land.

And I know there are always the “some day” things for any house. (Like a kitchen remodel) But, if possible, do them while you’re young.

Needless to say, we’ve put off projects and plans saying “one day”. And now that one day has come for some of these plans, these senior bodies just can’t work as long or as hard as we used to. So those two day projects sometimes become two week projects.

What prompted me to offer this advice? This morning at 10am I had another load of topsoil delivered. I have beds that need topped off, but also a major regrading of the front yard that needs done.

It’s now 11:30, roughly, and I’m done……for THE DAY!!!!

I have the front bed topped off as far as the wagon:

There’s still another 10’ on the front and 20’ up the side to do. And I’ve barely made a dent in the 5 cubic yards of topsoil. And I’m done. And then there’s the north side bed that needs completely rebuilt and edged with brick and filled. We should have planned for long term and used brick the first time!

In younger years, I would have worked all day and this would be a two, maybe three day project for the beds and the yard. I foresee either two weeks, or finding an actual tractor I can use!

Hence the advice to plan well when you’re younger.

In the meantime, I’m heading inside to do some sewing or stitching or something less physically strenuous.

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  1. This is excellent advice. There are things that need to happen around here and I think I’m going to have to hire some help to get it all accomplished.

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