April ends and May begins

Good morning! Today is the last day of April and tomorrow starts Maynia.

For those that don’t cross stitch, Maynia started out years ago as a way to bring focus to cross stitch. A lot of participants would set a certain number of “new starts” for the month. Others would set certain days for certain projects. Or set a number of projects to work on during the month. And some set the month as “monogo-maynia” and would work on only one particular project to completion.

In talking with a friend the other day, I mentioned that I was thinking of doing the set days for set projects. i.e. Mill Hill Monday, Santa Saturday, Sampler Sunday, and so on. But the more I try to put myself into that type of schedule, the more my heart balks.

So I’ve come up with a plan for me. As of last night I took the final stitches in “Alice Williams 1881”, tomorrow on May 1st , I will be starting a new sampler. Not sure what yet, but “Coming to America” is a strong favorite. although there are a couple others that are contenders too.

And my commitment is to stitch every day. Some days may be more than others, but to stitch every single day in May.

This is a rather large commitment for me with all the things going on right now. Between work, the garden and yard, the animals, prepping knitting classes, and family time it may only be 15 minutes. But it will be every day………starting tomorrow.

For today though, there’s still yard work to be done in the front yard, and a porch to clean, and porch planters to be filled, and a sampler to choose, so I best “get to it” as my dad would have said!

I hope everyone has a happy weekend and finds joy in their days, even if only for a moment

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  1. I was taught give yourself 30 minutes everyday. Set a timer. That’s your personal sew time.

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