Save the dates!

It’s time to return to the world of teaching, and the first classes planned are knitting classes!

I’m looking forward to teaching again, covid threw a monkey wrench into so many plans, but it’s time to move forward.

Upcoming classes will be on toe-up magic loop socks, beginning knitting in the round, beginning lace knitting, and afterthought heels.

For now I have dates for the toe-up sock knitting class. The class will be in four sessions of two hours. At the end of the four sessions, you will have a formula for knitting socks to fit your foot measurements and a complete sock.

So, the dates……. First session will be June 12 from 1-3. Second session will be June 26 from 1-3. Third session will be July 10 from 1-3 and the final session will be July 24 from 1-3. Each session will be at a cost of $20. A class syllabus and supply list can be requested by emailing me at

Just a quick note, these classes will be held in my home, so there is a class size limit, but additional dates can be added as needed.

And on that note, my home contains both cats and dogs (all super friendly). If you’re interested in learning, but cannot be around cats and dogs, e-mail me at the above address and we can talk private lessons at a more suitable place for your comfort.

2 thoughts on “Save the dates!

  1. I love that you offering this on a weekend day! I am very interested, but would miss the first class date due to a scheduled vacation.

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