Sunday update

What a full week it’s been! I love full weeks , even if by the end of them I’m exhausted, as I was last night.

A lot of little things got accomplished this week, and one major project that I have put off for almost a year. And like all major projects, it led into another major project.

I’m talking about painting the french doors to the porch from the kitchen. They turned out well and the only reason I procrastinated for so long was the masking!

Truly that’s not as much masking as when I did the walls, but it seemed like a lot when I contemplated it. But mask I did, and then painted them the softest, prettiest blue.

That of course led to my kitchen cabinet doors. And they’re in rough shape. They’re not wood, they’re some sort of papery feeling composite. And they’re 28 years old. And in rough shape.

But with some priming, they are taking shape. And while I would love new wood doors, this is a much more affordable option. But what color?

They were originally white, which brightens up my dark kitchen wonderfully, but is hard to maintain pristine (or even nicely). So I am trying either light blue or a gray. I’m leaning towards the blue, we’ll see what the husband says when he gets home today.

Blue on the right and gray on the left upper cabinets.
The gray looks dingy to me.
I really like this blue, but can I live with it long term.?

But that’s not all this week held. There was still gardening, and I took a hand quilting class. I have hand quilted extensively in the past (pre longarm machine in 2003). But it’s been about 19 years since I did any serious amount of hand quilting. And while it’s coming back, my stitches will need time to maintain consistency.

On the garden front, things are sprouting nicely. Covering them last night certainly helped as we went down to 28F overnight. And they’ll need covered again for the next two nights. But this morning showed some nice sprouts.

Garden peas
Bunching onions (green onions)
Radishes (second planting as I neglected to cover the first sprouts one night)
Strawberries look great!
Lettuce went into the greenhouse overnight.
I need a larger greenhouse if I’m going to be moving planters in and out. Third seeding of lettuce in these starting to sprout.
A couple carrots that over-wintered unexpectedly!

So as you can see, it’s a busy time of the year. But it’s the season I love second best in spite of the dependence on Claritan and Ibuprofen and the high pollen counts.

I hope your days are as crazy full and joyful as mine have been his week and that you find a little bit of joy every day. If you look for it, you will find it.

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