The spring sprung!

No, not the weather Spring, but rather one of the springs in the tension system on my Gammill.

So, I’m happily quilting away on my longarm yesterday when I start getting thread break messages. Only the thread isn’t broken and I haven’t run out of bobbin thread.

That starts the investigation. And along the path I notice this little spring wasn’t there.

Now since this spring looks like this before it’s put into the tensioner, I know it isn’t completely gone.

Thankfully I keep spare parts on hand. And this also prompted me to change the felt pads in the tension assembly at the same time. And soon I was back to quilting.

What am I quilting you ask? My grand-daughter’s quilt.

I have two more quilts to do. One for my youngest niece on M’s side and one for my sister-in-law. Then all those in the family who responded to my offer of quilts will have theirs.

Oh. And I have a new chair in the studio! And it’s so pretty! (But also comfortable and functional).

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