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Antique quilt update

I spent some time this week working on repairing a friend’s antique quilt. It’s a slow process as the fabrics are quite fragile.

The first step was separating all the layers, one stitch at a time. Thankfully it came apart with no further damage in spite of the batting being stuck in places.

The next step was to prep the replacement pieces. Some are made with older shirts that are repurposed and some are made with quilting cottons.

Most blocks will only need one set of replacement logs, but there are a couple that need two.

I’ve measured and turned edges in prep of hand appliquéing these in place.

Next up was to tackle the holes left where the quilt blocks were tied. Whoever made this used a big needle and thick yarn.

I decided to use fusible interfacing to stabilize each center red square.

So now it’s prepped for the hand stitching. As we’re predicted to have another snow day on Friday, that’s when I’ll start tackling the applique.

Until then, this project, while challenging, is proving to be quite satisfying to work on.

And I have been doing some machine sewing and longarming in between this project and work.

But for now, it’s a weekday and work is calling.

Happy sewing!!!!!!

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