Snowy Sunday

It’s a cold and snowy mess here today. We haven’t gotten much snow yet, but it’s changed over to sleet and predicted to change back to snow later. I’m inside just listening to the sleet on the windows.

Hopefully the greenhouse survives okay. It’s a cheap frame and I have cactus wintering over inside it. I hadn’t yet started any lettuces thankfully.

Of course the cat loves this weather as it brings lots of birds to the “cat tv” channel.

And I’m enjoying the new “stitching” wall. I decided to hang some of my stitching and the two pieces I rescued from a second hand shop where I can see them.

When I was younger I did several pieces of crewel embroidery. This is one of two that survived through the years.

And as a newlywed I did a lot of stamped cross stitch like this piece.

Over the years I have done so many different crafts. And I still do. But back then it was one phase exclusively at a time. Now I tend to move between on a daily basis. And most days more than one in a single day. Like today……on the agenda is some sewing, some knitting and some cross stitch… long as the power holds!

So stay safe and warm and dry inside today if you’re in the path of this system. And if you’re elsewhere, enjoy the day however you desire!

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