Sewing update

It’s been a while since I did any type of sewing update. But today I remembered to take some pictures

Let’s start with some quilting I did for a friend. She had an older quilt that was her son’s that needed some repairs. She took the layers apart and brought me the top and a new backing. I did the repairs and quilted it for her. I’m pleased with the finished product. It needled beautifully!

I have another quilt to repair, an antique tied quilt. And quite honestly, this one intimidates me. But I’ve found appropriate older shirts to create the patches from. My plan this week is to separate the layers and start making repairs. I had hoped to not have to separate but just patch. Unfortunately the backing is in worse shape than the top and separating the layers is the only way to do it justice. This one is for a friend of my husband.

And on the “new” side of sewing, this year is dedicated to my UFO’s and this one was so close to being finished. I only had three blocks to piece before I started working on the spacers. It’s a Pat Sloan quilt called Solstice from several years ago.

The notes are my way of keeping the segment blocks together before I start assembly.

And an update on Celtic Spring. I’m finding this to be an addictive stitching project. And hopefully I’m on track to have it finished by June.

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  1. Oh, that Solstice Quilt looks amazing! And you are so talented to be able to repair quilts like that!

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