December 23, 2021

Good morning! It’s a brisk 25 degrees here this morning and I’m inside with a cup of coffee and two Christmas cookies as my breakfast. Not nutritionally sound, but oh so good for the soul.

I’m settling in to this coming winter with the dual hope that we get a long rainy period to relieve our drought and that we stay mild to avoid any ice storms.

I’ve been staying busy with a different holiday season for me. In years past, when I was longarming for the general public, this time of year was just filled with deadlines and customer quilts. But this year I’ve had some time to enjoy the moments!

I have one niece’s quilt ready to be bound later today. And the binding is prepped.

I have my oldest granddaughter’s quilt top ready to go on the longarm. It’s inside out as it’s a somewhat surprise on what it looks like. She picked out the colors, I chose the pattern.

I’ve made a few more shirts and am gaining confidence in being able to provide this service in the studio in the near future.

I’ve spent time with friends, knitting and shopping. Oh my! The shopping traffic at this time of the year!!!! Just have patience friends, your life or someone else’s isn’t worth risking for a traffic light!

What I’ve mostly done is enjoy the season.

And with that said, I hope that those who celebrate the Yule had a blessed night. And those who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful one. And for those who celebrate neither, may you have a peaceful end of the year.

3 thoughts on “December 23, 2021

  1. I’m not a quilter but I really enjoy seeing all your quilts 🙂 Been chilly here. 19 degrees yesterday, so this morning’s 36 would be great except for the wind chill. I’ll be putting my actual coat on for my walk today instead of layering up. Merry Christmas, my friend 🙂

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