The start of decorating

Every year, on Black Friday, I start my Christmas decorating. I absolutely love winter decorations, it adds warmth to the house at the coldest time of the year.

But this year, I had other commitments for this weekend. So I started just a little on Thanksgiving day.

I had an idea for the kitchen this year, and it’s starting out nicely. Although it took most of the day to make 8 small wreaths, and I ran out of supplies before I had them all made, I like how it’s started.

These are completely home made. The 6” wreath bases are from JoAnn Fabrics, as was the garland. The gnome ribbon is from Michael’s, the bows from Lowes and the picks are from somewhere.

Eight wreaths completed. Eleven more to go. But since some of the supplies are no longer readily available, the next 11 will be of two different styles and hopefully they all blend together well.

4 thoughts on “The start of decorating

  1. Oooo! Love those!! They are a perfect kitchen addition 🙂 I didn’t decorate much this year because I would have had to do it pre-surgery, so I chose just a few choice items and am enjoying them 🙂

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