More socks!

I seem to be on a sock knitting roll right now. I think it’s the cooler weather setting in. Or maybe it’s my cold feet. Or possibly because I love cranking sock tubes.

What’s a sock tube? Well it’s a knitted tube that you add afterthought heels and toes to. I also add ribbed cuffs knit by hand. Here is one sock tube that will work up into two pairs of socks. The white yarn is “waste yarn”. It’s not a wool, but an acrylic used to start and end the tube and separate the two sock sets.

And a closer look at one end.

I’ll split these apart at the white and do a cuff on one end and a toe on the other. Then I divide that in half and do another toe and cuff. After the toes and cuffs are both done, I’ll put in the afterthought heels. In the end I’ll end up with socks that look like this pair I’m wearing for the first time today.

Photobombed by Sasha who LOVES wool yarn.

I’m trying a new care regimen for socks this year. In the past, I’ve always machine washed (regular setting) and dried them. And over time they shrink a bit and they pill a bit. This year I’m machine washing on gentle and hanging them to dry. The only downfall to that is I must do a batch of socks before I run out. 🤷‍♀️

That’s all for today. I hope to be back in a few says with some cross stitch and maybe some quilting to show.

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