Sometimes you need a vacation

Sometimes you just need some time away. It’s been several years since DH and I have been able to get away for some r&r. But earlier this year we were invited to spend some time in Florida with a friend.

We had plans, do the tourist thing, ride the bikes, spend time at Biketoberfest, and just get away from everything.

Some of those plans came true, some were thwarted by forces outside of our control. We spent a day driving down. And got settled in. But as our bike wasn’t running, we rented one to take with us. One that was not as easy to handle as promoted. And one that developed an oil leak within the first mile of riding after we got there.

So instead we relaxed, we did the tourist thing, we took a pontoon boat tour. We went out to eat a lot. Now that we’re home, I need to clean up my diet again, but it was good to just enjoy for a week .

I took some pics along the way.

Morning views:

And mid-day views:

Walks along the grounds:

Walks along the beach in the evenings

Pontoon boat tour:

The dolphins were a bit shy:

I have more pictures. A lot more pictures. But those are for another day.

4 thoughts on “Sometimes you need a vacation

  1. So happy you and Michael were able to escape for a bit! It helps bunches! I cannot.wait for Friday and SAFF!!

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