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Sock season! And some stitching

It’s getting to that time of the year when my thoughts turn to wool socks. There’s nothing I’ve found more comfortable t wear than wool socks.

Last year, when I lost my knitting mojo, I had several sock tubes cranked. For those not familiar, I purchased an Erlbacher Gearhart circular sock machine a while back. So now, fir “vanilla” socks, I crank a tube and add after-thought heels, toes, and then cuffs. For fancier socks, I still knit totally by hand.

This week I started back to sock knitting and sorted out the tubes that needed finishing. And finished the first of four pairs. This is one of two planned pairs of shorties.

Worked a little on a pair of tube socks for DH. Toes are done, ribbing on the first is well underway.

Another pair of shorties for me just need the heels done.

And finally some cross stitch. I don’t know why I set this aside, it’s a really fun stitch. The pattern is called Monthly Markings and I’m done with July and starting August.

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