A busy week

This last week has been super busy. Several quilts either returned or ready to return.

And some pillows covered for a customer.

Then a little bit of stitching

A small amount of knitting

A good amount of ripping (or un-knitting). This sweater never fit me right so I’m reclaiming the yarn for a future project.

The paint color for the kitchen was chosen (after several almost but not quite attempts) and purchased!

A few decorations went up

Some seeds were started (flowers not veggies)

And that’s about it. But the weekend is coming and I’m sure I’ll get myself into some project or trouble.

Hope you’re enjoying these longer days and don’t forget to reset your clocks this weekend!

1 thought on “A busy week

  1. Whew! I’m tired after reading your busy week. Thank you – you did enough for both of us! I do love what you’re knitting – would have been a year’s worth for me.

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