Making progress

A while back (ages ago actually) I committed to making family members quilts. There were 11 or so firm commitments to be done. Then life blew up on me. I’ve covered all that in the past so I’m not rehashing it now. It’s past, it’s done, onward!!!

But, I do have progress to report! These quilts are all shipping out tomorrow. Three boxes to go is a start. And motivation to finish up the remainder as it feels so good to be sending them to the recipients.

Soon I hope to have all the family quilts on their way. Then it will be time to tackle the wall of UFO’s. Yes, I said “wall”. I have a 4’ wide shelving unit filled with boxes of starts. A side effect of years of quilting for customers while piecing my own quilts and of taking classes and also teaching classes where I used step-outs. All combined create a wall of UFO’s.

But for right this moment, the sun is shining and my lone remaining rabbit and my chickens need feeding so my two remaining dogs and I will take a walk and do chores.

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