Catching up, yet again

No excuses, no reasons given, just catching up now on what I’ve been up to over the last month or so. A lot of what’s gone on I don’t have pictures of. A mad rush of customer quilts before the holidays. A whirlwind trip over the holidays between Christmas and New Years to clear out my mom’s condo and help my brother move to his new place. No pics to share of any of that.

But now that I’m home and recovered from the trip and the sinus crud (which a trip to PA always produces), I do have some things to show.

I spent a lot of time doing cross stitch, it was a quiet activity when my energy was low, or my stress was high and completely distanced from customer work. These are a few of the “finishes” and one in process that aren’t yet “FFO”s (fully finished objects as I’ve learned is a term in the cross stitch world). These will either get framed (large one), or finished as ornaments for the tree in the future.

While I haven’t done much knitting, I did find some comfort in cranking sock tubes. And while I still knit socks, I love the ease and speed of working with the sock machine for tubes for everyday plain socks. These are what’s in progress right now. Some are just tubes with heel/toe/cuff yarn near them. Some are partially finished with the toes and cuffs done or in process. Some are for me, some are for my husband.

And these are the fully hand knit socks that are in progress. It does look like I need some knitting days to catch up on all of these! There are three different methods of sock making in this picture. While they’re all toe-up, my preferred method. One is done single sock without second sock started (my least favorite method). One pair is done one sock at a time in sections (the purple) (I’m liking that method). In that one I did both toes, then did both foot sections, then did both gusset increases and now I’m working on the heels. One heel is turned, one is ready to turn. The final pair, the pink, are two at a time toe up (not a favorite only because I don’t like juggling two skeins of yarn). I’m using that method to keep the lace patterning exact on both socks. Although I’ve threatened to frog them because I don’t remember what pattern I was using! (Yes, they’ve been on the needles set aside way too long!).

Finally, I have some family quilts that are close to being ready to send out. The two bright ones are for my two great-grandsons, the blue/black one is for their uncle. I still have several more family quilts in process and I am making progress on them, hopefully quicker progress now than I have over the last two years!

Ready for binding
Next flimsy to be quited today
Flimsy ready to be quilted next in the lineup

So, that’s an update of all things creative.

Now for an aggravating update that I need to put out there on all social platforms. Recently, someone decided to imitate me on Instagram. And they grabbed my profile pic, added a ( . ) in the middle of my name and started friend requesting and then messaging my friends asking for money. A big THANK YOU to my cousin who first gave me the heads up! For the record, it’s not in my nature to ask for help, let alone to ask for money. Years ago (about 40 years ago), I found myself out west in a very dangerous situation with a sick infant, no money and a half a pillowcase of possessions between the two of us. Even in that dire of a situation, I did NOT ask anyone for money. I did ask my parents for a bus ticket for us to come home. So, if you EVER get a request for money for me (that isn’t attached to a purchase in my Etsy shop), please advise me so I can shut down the assholes impersonating me and hoping to prey on any gullibility of any friends I have.

In a better note, the sun is shining today, my first customer appointment of the day should be here shortly and I’m looking forward to quilting what’s in the lineup for today!

Happy sewing, knitting, stitching or any other hobbies you indulge in!

Judy W

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  1. I’m so sorry all this happened with your ID being taken. 🙁 Anyway, thanks for all the updates! Please stay safe in this awful time of illness. You’re always special in my heart. Love you. Deb

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