November 2020!

Good morning! It’s hard to believe that it’s November already. Boy has this year been hard, on everyone, worldwide! But it’s coming to a close and I have hope that 2021 will bring much better things for all of us.

I thought I’d catch you up, there’s so much (and yet so little) that I’ve accomplished this year.

First up, SOCK KITS! Available at:

These are a quick way for you to finish lots of socks. Included are the pre-knitted tube (64 stitches), two mini skeins, and finishing instructions for knitting the cuffs, heels and toes. They also make a great gift for any knitters you know. Stock is limited, but as soon as I have more mini’s to pair up, I’ll be adding more to keep checking in.

Okay, shameless promotion done, here’s what I’ve been up to this week. It was a busy week for customer quilts. I have eight ready to return to customers.

And I have room for a few more before Christmas! I’m only doing overall (or edge to edge) designs these days, but that translates to a faster turn around time for you!

On the knitting front, I finally finished the socks I started last spring for a toe-up knitting class that was cancelled when everything was closed for safety last spring. I held off all summer hoping that we’d be able to reschedule in person classes. But as I haven’t rescheduled the class yet, and as I needed some new socks in my sock drawer, I finished these. I figure when I return to outside teaching, I can always start a new sample. Until then, my own toes will be warm. Yes, I need to weave in the ends. The yarn is Patons Kroy which, while a bit rough to knit with, I know will soften with first washing and wear like iron!

And I’m making progress on my pink and green vest. It looks so short in this pic, but it’s got deep armholes and I know from experience that when that lace at the bottom is blocked, it’s going to add length. If I’ve calculated right, it should end right at my hips. The yarn for this is a custom dyed merino silk blend from BallyharaFarmsNC on Etsy. ( ) This yarn is so soft and luxurious to knit with. I’m glad I purchased extra because now I want a hat and fingerless mitts as well!

So that’s a quick recap of the last week. I won’t even try to remember what all else I’ve done since I last blogged. I’m lucky if I can remember where I sat down my coffee cup most days. Okay, I’m not that bad, but who wants to see old stuff!

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! We’re into the darkest time of the year now, but as always, these long dark nights will bring longer days in the future. And while I don’t like doing chores in the dark (or before supper), I do like the natural tendency to close in during the long nights as that’s when I get a LOT done on my own personal projects.

Gotta run for now! Talk to you all soon!


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