Friday evening thoughts

What a crazy week it’s been. Thankfully the roller coaster has had mostly gentle rises and drops this week. I don’t say it often enough, but I appreciate every single person in my circle of family and friends.

I didn’t get much personal sewing done this week, okay, none. But I did get sewing time in on customer work. Three quilts are longarmed and ready to return, and more commission sewing was done. Although that came to a screeching halt early tonight when the queen cat decided I was done. When Casey says it’s quitting time, it’s quitting time. She’s quite stubborn about it.

Most of today was spent on yarn and fiber stuff. I really enjoy my Friday afternoon knitting sessions. But today instead of knitting, I spent the time spinning. I made my plying decision, a two ply yarn with what I hoped would be co-ordinating colors. I went into it skeptically, really unsure the two colorways would play well together.

And what I’m getting is gorgeous! I love this unexpected combo!

There’s just a touch of the green in it. Enough to tone down the bright, yet not subdue it. And the shine, and softness! I’m definitely thinking cowl for this yarn now.

The third towel of the set is started on the loom. This is one of my favorite weaves for towels using thick cotton for the weft.

The white at the bottom will be a double turned hem, that’s why it’s so thin compared to the towel weave. Next up I want to change my set and work a balanced weave with 6/2 cotton for warp and weft. And maybe a more complex draft.

Tomorrow, if it dries up, I hope to get some yard work done, IF it dries up. The yard in front of my storage shed was squishy to walk on this afternoon from all the rain!

And that’s it for the end of the week! A good end to a crazy week.

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