2020. What a year so far!

Quite a lot has happened in the last two years. Shortly after my Nov 5, 2018 post our world turned upside down. And it’s been a roller coaster since then. Each time I think things are settling, the roller coaster tops another hill and ………

2019 was a creatively lost year for me. We moved my mother in with us in mid November 2018 and I became her caregiver. Then in early 2019 my husband had a health scare that consumed most of the spring, summer and early fall. Just as that was settling mom took a fall that sent her to the hospital for 10 days, followed by a month of rehab and a Christmas week placement in long-term nursing care.

Just as I was settling from 2019 and thinking 2020 was going to be a great year, things were going to return to normal, BOOM! Nope! The nursing home went on lockdown, the virus unknowns had everything upside down and the states starting going into restrictions.

And like many, I adjusted. I learned what I really do need to survive and what I need to thrive (not the same). I remembered how I grew up with grocery planning and making ends meet. I made masks, many of them. I learned to use Facetime so I could visit with mom. I revisited our garden, and remembered that it’s something I enjoy. And I carried on.

But, as so many others, I have changed. My days are less structured, which for me means I jump around from project to project a lot more. I find I can do about 8-9 days home 24/7 and then I need to get in the car and go for a drive. I, who always thought of myself as an introvert, find that there was a certain amount of energy gained from some group settings. And yet, in many ways I am a homebody.

So I work on various projects in small amounts. I clean and organize (cleaning was always my anger/stress management tool from way back in childhood). I’ve picked up some bad habits (mindless computer games being one), and I’ve developed some good habits like sending cards to those I can’t visit.

All in all, like everyone else, I’m getting along. I hope this isolation of groups isn’t our new normal. But in case it is, today I look into Zoom for virtual meetings.

And because no post goes without pictures, a few in process pieces.

All the cross stitches are done. Backstitching and French Knots to follow.
I’m now about 5” up on the body of this. The lace peplum was a fun knit,
My husband needed a new cushion for his truck seat.
Starting some new kitchen towels. Yes, I missed a dent in the reed. Finishing warping the loom at 2:30 in the morning will do that. And I was too tired/lazy to fix it since they’re for my kitchen.
Getting to the point of needing to make plying decisions with this never ending spin.

Did I mention that I’m working on a lot of little things? Next post I’ll try to share some of the quilty stuff.

1 thought on “2020. What a year so far!

  1. oh dear Judy, I know it has been a tough year, me too about 1 1/2 years.. I did not know that Mike was down for such an extended period of time!! and your Mom, so sad.. I miss my peeps too, but not way I will gather for a meeting.. I have pneumonia at present and have been sick with this virus since June 1..Tested for Covid and negative.. Wrapping my arms around you..
    Love and Hugs,
    Susan D-L..

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