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October 18, 2019

October 18th. Fall is on us now in North Carolina. That means sweaters in the morning and sleeveless shirts in the afternoon. And I love it. It also means my quilt schedule is picking up. I have a limited number of spaces for Christmas orders for overall quilting left, so give me a call or an e-mail soon.

On the home front, all is good! It’s great actually. Mike’s back to trucking after having most of the summer off. Mom is settled in well and we’ve worked out a routine that works for us. I’m getting studio time in.

The animals are all doing good. I’m looking forward to acquiring another Angora Bunny this fall or winter. Mr. Rhys is doing good, but he’s getting up there and he gets lonely I think. No, I can’t read bunny minds, but he seems much eager to see me than he was when he had other bunny buddies around.

I crocheted a test kit for Ballyhara Farms from their gorgeous hand-dyed yarn. Did I mention gorgeous? And soft……. so very soft. The shawl kits are called “Flowing River Shawl Kits”. They are meant to work with a variation of Katya Novikova’s Fall River pattern. Kim at Ballyhara offers different yarn bases for this, all of which are a Merino and other luxury fiber yarn blend. Mine was the Merino Alpaca blend and it’s gorgeous! Did I say that before?

The yarn comes packaged with air space so it’s not squished, and in sealed plastic so it doesn’t get wet no matter what the shipping may put it through.

And when it’s opened up the colors are so saturated!

The shawl itself worked up better than I expected considering I’m an adequate crocheter. I’m far from an expert as it’s not my first choice of yarn craft.

I’m definitely looking forward to working more with BallyharaFarmNC’s yarns!

And now I’m going to close, it’s fall and I need to get an apple pie in the oven for supper!

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