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Turned Edge Fusible Applique

In my local quilt guild, Lake Norman Quilters, I’m running a mystery quilt that I’ve designed.  And some of the blocks are applique.  While I did my version in raw edge fusible, I’ve had questions on how to turn edges on pieces as small as they are in the blocks.  Hopefully this photo tutorial will show my preferred way of combining fusible with turned edge for applique.  There are a lot of different ways to accomplish the task, this is just MY favorite way.

First, I use Steam A Seam II Lite paper backed fusible web.  I draw the actual template out onto the paper backed fusible:

Then I cut the pieces out exactly on the lines:

I apply to the back side of the fabric:

And trim with a very small turn allowance.  Because you’re using fusible, you don’t need a lot of extra turn allowance:

The next step is to finger press the turn under, leaving the paper IN PLACE:

Follow up with a light pressing with the TIP of your iron, again, the paper is still in place at this point:

Remove the paper from the back of the applique piece to remove it from the turned seam allowance, replace it over the back of the applique piece before you press the edges again with the iron:

Your end piece will have turned, fused edges, and you can apply it to your block using the interior fusible.  This makes the project completely portable for hand stitching, or you can machine stitch the edges with minimal shrinkage of your block as the fusible helps stabilize it.

I hope this helps!  Small pieces are very fussy, and I do use a stiletto while I’m working on this to keep my fingers away from the edges of the hot iron.

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