Adjustments for Reality

I spent my morning tea time today making adjustments to my dress mannequin.

I bought the size range mannequin that “fit” me a couple years back and haven’t used it much. But with a renewed interest in making garments, I started using it. Every time I would fit the garment to the mannequin, and then try it on, the fit just wasn’t quite right. Apparently I, in my mid 50′s, am no longer a stock size. LOL. I find humor in this as I never truly was, even at my fittest back in the late 80′s.

So the first step was realizing where I didn’t fit stock. Well, that was easy enough, I’m full chested with almost no backside. Always have been, always will be. And the curve in my spine is a little more pronounced than it was as a teenager.

So, off to get the tape measure and some undergarments, an old dress, and some stuffing. A little reduction in mannequin here, a little padding there, and now my top in progress hangs and looks the same on both the mannequin and me.

Now i can pull out that pretty knit top fabric and get to sewing for the holidays.

Adjustment-for-spine mannequin-front mannequin-side mannequin-with-top

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