What a weekend!

One of the side benefits of having my energy back is that long overdue chores are beginning to get caught up.

One of the severely neglected areas this year has been my gardens. Not all of that neglect was lack of energy, broken equipment and a week of rain every afternoon were contributng factors too. It’s amazing how quickly it gets out of control when you combine warm temps and daily rain.

The garden area started out looking like this:


This was taken after I realized the old pushmower wasn’t ever going to start again and I started to tackle the overgrowth with my weed trimmer. This was the least overgrown area, the actual vegetable area was much worse!

After the purchase of a new lawnmower, and several passes with the deck set at various heights, the garden area looks like this:



Of course after that was done, I moved on to the pool which needed vaccumed and then it needed to be used and now I look a little like this:


But, in the process of all these chores, I discovered the bell peppers are almost at picking stage


And it won’t be long before it’s time to start canning the Roma’s!


And the best surprise of all…when I was doing rabbit chores I heard tiny little tweet noises around the storage shelf. Just look what I found when I went snooping:


At least 3 baby Carolina Wrens! I know they’re wrens as momma came in to feed while I was doing chores.

A pleasant surprise to end a busy weekend!

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  1. Oy!!  I know about weeds for sure.. but I try to get out every day to keep up with them.. so far so good.. Oh well, it keeps me moving and bending and stretching, so no complaints!!  See you tomorrow..                                                 Susan

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