In progress

My quilt guild has a UFO challenge going on for the next year. I started with a list of 29 UFO’s and have so far completed 5 of the smallest, all table runner size.




Now I’ve decided to tackle a few of the larger quilts that are still in the piecing stage. By larger I mean king sized to fit our bed. There are six of those on that list!

This is the one I worked on this weekend. It’s at the border stage, and already the length is enough, but it needs sides added. I like an 8-10″ drop on both sides so there’s no wrestling for the quilts warmth at night. Since I don’t want to just slap on side borders that look slapped on, I’ll need to do some serious thinking before I start cutting fabric.


Thinking, thinking……….. pieced, multiple plain, a combination of pieced and plain. Good thing I bought the two floral fabrics and the light blue by the bolt!

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