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Twice a month!

Hmmmm, twice a month seems to be all I can mange to post these days.  Every day I tell myself I’m going to write a blog post and then life starts and before I know it, it’s after dark and I’m worn out.

What you may ask is wearing me out?   Well, I’ve started each day the last week checking on the baby Angora bunnies!

We started with 7 in the litter, but lost 2 in the first 2 days.  The remaining ones are doing great now, although you can see the little pink skinned one at the front is the runt (and we almost lost it 2 days ago).  Of course now I’m a little nervous about it’s health, so I’m checking multiple times a day.  I can’t wait until they open their eyes!


And there’s the garden to tend.  We’re getting strawberries out of it now:

The broiler chickens are growing (and yes, they are much stinkier than laying hens):


Speaking of laying hens, we’re getting a relatively consistent 7 eggs a day now:

Of course, on top of these regular daily chores, there’s still that thing called work.  LOL  Funny how that always pops up and needs done!  But I’ve done a little bit of sewing of my own.  This quilt top (still not finished) is for Lake Norman Quilters Red and White Challenge for the show this summer (LINK TO INFO HERE)

But the latest development is our pool.  It’s not supposed to look like this:

That’s not algae!  After taking a sample to the pool place today and having the tests run, there’s not a smidgeon of algae in it.  That’s the result of excess Iron and Copper in the water.  The poolman tells me that if I follow the treatment schedule they’re outlined (that takes 3 days to complete), I should have clear sparkly water by Sunday or Monday.  I am, at this point, hopeful but skeptical.


sigh…..and LOOK at that yard!  It needs mowed again!  Maybe tomorrow, or Friday, or Saturday at the latest………….


Perhaps I’ll do better than twice a month with the blog as well, but I’m making no promises.  I’m still trying to figure out how the clock moves from 6a.m. to 10 p.m. so very quickly each day!


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