Knitters Periodic Table of Fibers

Knitters Periodic Table of Fibers

After finding this via a Ravelry link in a forum post over a year ago, and then losing the link, and then finding the printout today while cleaning (gasp!) the design room, I decided to post a link to the website I found this on.


This is for my own future, unorganized, lost the paper but need the info use.  If it helps another fiber-holic along the way, thanks for the chart should go to the blogger I found this from, Packbasket Designs.


So, how many of these fibers have you spun or knit with?  The only fibers I haven’t found on the chart but have spun or knitted with are Angora Rabbit and Yak.   Yes, YAK!  It’s so soft! 

Grooming Frodo

Poor Frodo, he was loaded with fur this morning and with the temps in the last few days getting so warm it had to be uncomfortable for him, so I decided today was the day.  He was getting groomed.  Here’s what he looked like last week when I brushed him out:


Just a big huge puffball!

So we started around 9 a.m. with him being anxious and friendly to be groomed:


And a little while later, when I finally figured out how to effectively hold the scissors (at an angle away from the skin), we started making progress:



Of course Frodo, being Frodo, can not sit still!  He’s one of my two best bunnies for handling (loves to be handled), but sitting still is an impossibility for him:


Continue clipping and eventually he looks (according to DH) like he has a Cocker Spaniel cut:


At this point I’ve collected 2/3 of a basket of loose fur and he’s starting to get restless and squirmy:



Finally done, around 10:30 (an hour and a half for one bunny!), and he’s back in his cage awaiting his good bunny treats (dried papaya chunks):



All in all, he’s a little choppy looking but it’s amazing how much these little critters can squirm.  And I collected 4.1 ounces of angora fiber from him, most of which is in the 3″ length.  He’ll be cooler in the heat and less likely to develop wool block now, which makes for a happier bunny and a happier me.


Another day I’ll work on Samwise, he’s my least happy bunny to be handled and his fur doesn’t grow as fast or as thick as Frodo’s does.  And I’m contemplating a pair of clippers rather than scissors for the majority of the clipping.  Gwennie and Arwyn are pluckers so they’re easy to collect from, although I get more quantity at one time with my German boys!

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