Ready, set, POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, not the swimming type of pool, we aren’t quite ready for that here yet.  But rather a Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge.   Judy at Patchwork Times has issued a “Pooling Sock Yarn Challenge” and now that I FINALLY have my blue socks off the needles I’m ready to play along!



The blue striped socks took forever and a day to finish, but that’s because I knit the legs extra long for warmth, and I also did a 2″ ribbing on the top rather than my normal 1″.  I can tell already I like the taller socks with the longer rib, but hopefully this next pair won’t take me “forever” to finish as well.


I chose this red/white/pink  yarn as I truly think it is going to pool the colors with the stitch count and size needles I use.  62 stitches on size 0 needles for the feet, 64 stitches on size 0 needles for the leg section so I get a nice 2×2 rib is my standard go-to vanilla sock pattern.  I really like the 2×2 rib, but those extra 2 stitches on the foot make socks just a wee bit too loose.  And for handknit socks, I have found if they’re knit too loose, they tend to wear quicker for me.


So, ready………………..


CAST ON!!!!!!!!!!!


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