On the Needles, Friday, March 8, 2013

Lots of projects on and off the needles this week.

First up, I finished my Sunset Shawl project, although it’s not yet blocked:


I really like how the cable/ruffle is worked on this shawl pattern.  You work the main body area and then leave all your edge stitches on the circular needle.  Cast on at one end and pick up the edge stitches as you go, which makes the horizontal cable!

Cable detail:


But, of course having finished ONE project, I had to cast on TWO!  I’ll never be through knitting all my projects at this rate!

In my defense, one is a class from Craftsy, the Top Down Icelandic Sweater Class that I’ve been wanting to make for a couple months now.  I’ve actually had my yarn since December!  This class for me is all about steeking, as I already know how to work Fair-Isle knitting style patterns.


That center section is where the steeking (aka cutting) will be done when the sweater is complete.  Hopefully this won’t take too long to finish, I have a bad habit of getting past the intricate parts (colorwork, cables, or lace) and getting into plain knitting and getting bored easily.

And, I had joined the Wild Prairie Knits Misty Meadows Mystery KAL.  This is a mystery with a clue released every Friday in March.  The first clue was a short, easy one:


The row of edging between color changes is a design element as we’ve been told.  The votes for this mystery were very close between “Shawl with Lace” and “Shawl without Lace”, so I guess I’ll find out eventually if it has lacework in it or not!  And it’s just that measure of “unknown” mystery that should keep me on track with this one!

7 thoughts on “On the Needles, Friday, March 8, 2013

  1. Lovely projects. I was debating on joining the Wild Prairie Knits. I still have another mystery shawl I’m working on but after seeing yours, I decided I have to join in – even if late. I’ll be stash diving tonight to find yarn to use.

  2. Really beautiful projects–and I wouldn’t have seen them had you not linked to Judy’s blog.
    Those cables are fantastic, but I’m looking forward to seeing progress on the new ones too!

  3. They are all beautiful! The craftsy icelandic sweater is so pretty…. my favorite! A friend is making one of those. Hers is just beyond yours in progress and I have been admiring it! Thanks for sharing

  4. Great job on the Sunset shawl! I love the sideways cable. I signed up for that same class but haven’t done a thing….steeks scare me to death!

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