Here we go again!

Spring is on it’s way here in the South, although today is a cold day, and my hens are returning to laying on a regular basis.  The new chicks are growing rapidly and hopefully at the end of the week will move from the extra bathroom to the brooder in the coop (weather permitting) as they are starting to spread their little wings, literally!   I found one outside the bathtub the other day looking lost and crying loudly.

But back to the current hens, I’ve still got the original 8 and during the heart of the winter months would some days get 1 or 2 eggs, some days no eggs.  About 2 weeks ago they started laying daily and now I’m back up to about 5 eggs most days.  But yesterday was a strange one.  I collected 3 eggs yesterday in the rain and one was so tiny!



The normal egg, on the left, weighs in at 68 grams, which would be an extra-large if purchased at the store.  The little surprise yesterday weighs in at 17 grams, which according to the chart I found, would be considered a peewee egg!   LOL


From what I’ve read, it’s doubtful there will be a yolk inside that shell and it’s not totally uncommon for a hen to lay an egg or two like this after a break from laying.  Mine all took a winter doldrums break (aka lack of adequate sunshine) and two also took a molting break.


Hopefully though I won’t start getting many eggs that size, I much prefer the extra-large eggs!

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