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Back to quilting

After quite a longer break than I anticipated taking, I made my way back to the studio this last week.  First up were two pantographs, both done by computer, which meant I was able to sit while they were quilting.  Now comes the first custom of the year, which means I am standing in front of the machine.    Thankfully, it’s all coming back to me relatively quickly and this order is for a long familiar style of quilting — feathers!


I’ll be using these two feather styles throughout the quilt.  The quilt center is a log cabin block with a central star setting.  The dark fabrics will get one feather, the light fabrics the other, which should work out well as the setting will give diagonal lines of quilting around the center star.

But it will be slow going on this one.  For the rest of tonight, I’m sitting in my chair with my foot up and doing some knitting.

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