A change in the weather

Things were progressing nicely towards spring last week.  It was warm enough that I set up the greenhouse in front of the bay window in anticipation of  germinating seeds.

Greenhouse in Bay


And it was bright enough with the sunshine that I had natural light all the way to the far corner of the living room where my wheel sits at:

Wheel corner

Then the snow came in last night.  Although we didn’t receive nearly as much as South Charlotte did, we did get a little.  Stepping onto the front porch this morning, it didn’t look too wintry:


But then I had to go check out the vegetable garden area:



Sigh…………I guess it will still be a day or two before we can turn the soil and get ready to plant.


Oh well, my seeds haven’t yet arrived so I have time for winter to show itself and wear itself out before this becomes a concern.  And in the meantime, I think I’ll either knit or sew and wait for the snow to thaw and the mud to go away before I venture outside to play.


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