Back to quilting

After quite a longer break than I anticipated taking, I made my way back to the studio this last week.  First up were two pantographs, both done by computer, which meant I was able to sit while they were quilting.  Now comes the first custom of the year, which means I am standing in front of the machine.    Thankfully, it’s all coming back to me relatively quickly and this order is for a long familiar style of quilting — feathers!



I’ll be using these two feather styles throughout the quilt.  The quilt center is a log cabin block with a central star setting.  The dark fabrics will get one feather, the light fabrics the other, which should work out well as the setting will give diagonal lines of quilting around the center star.

But it will be slow going on this one.  For the rest of tonight, I’m sitting in my chair with my foot up and doing some knitting.

A change in the weather

Things were progressing nicely towards spring last week.  It was warm enough that I set up the greenhouse in front of the bay window in anticipation of  germinating seeds.

Greenhouse in Bay


And it was bright enough with the sunshine that I had natural light all the way to the far corner of the living room where my wheel sits at:

Wheel corner

Then the snow came in last night.  Although we didn’t receive nearly as much as South Charlotte did, we did get a little.  Stepping onto the front porch this morning, it didn’t look too wintry:


But then I had to go check out the vegetable garden area:



Sigh…………I guess it will still be a day or two before we can turn the soil and get ready to plant.


Oh well, my seeds haven’t yet arrived so I have time for winter to show itself and wear itself out before this becomes a concern.  And in the meantime, I think I’ll either knit or sew and wait for the snow to thaw and the mud to go away before I venture outside to play.