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A long day

In Cocoa’s opinion, it’s been a long day and she’s ready for me to quit:


And I really have nothing to show for my knitting this week, except one coaster:

There’s been a lot of paperwork done this past week, and a few days under the weather, and a trip to Raleigh for even more paperwork, but little FUN stuff!  No quilting this week, barely any spinning (although I did start spinning up some of my Angora),and  little gardening (it is JANUARY after all!).  I did manage to peruse a garden seed catalog.  That was scary!  I could go so overboard on packages of seeds, but this year I’m trying to remember that although I can grow almost any plant that has survived past seedling stage, I don’t have a good track record with germinating seedlings.


Oh well, next week I’ll get LOTS of fun stuff done!!!!  One can hope, right?

In the meantime, I”m going back to sorting out software, backing up files, and moving office furniture around.  Well, maybe not anymore tonight, but tomorrow I’ll be back at it……


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