Well, I’ve done it again…………

Do you remember the other day when I posted the video of what a madhouse it is here?  Yes, that video of my elder dog (13 yrs old and arthritic) being tormented by my youngest puppy (6 months old and full of energy).


That set me to thinking, yet again.  I’m sure by now DH “loves” when I get to thinking, but actually I had been thinking about this for a few weeks.  You see, little miss Nissa is a high-energy dog, she’s a Yorkie-Poo after all.  And my two other dogs, Snowy (the older boxer mix) and Cocoa are neither young, nor playful dogs.  Well, Cocoa is youngish (she’s 6 now), but she’s not a playful personality.  And miss Nissa was getting bored, way too often.  In spite of being home with them all day, I do work from home, and there are a lot of hours for a bored Yorkie puppy to cause torment during the day.

The way one thing leads to another with a bored Yorkie mix, Nissa was starting to get into trouble a LOT.  Not “big” trouble, just little things like constantly digging holes for “fun” and chasing the chickens around the coop run for “fun” because the other dogs wouldn’t play with her as much as she needed.


So, while I’m thinking about this, I’m watching the local animal shelter’s website (I told you it’s been on my mind) and they have a Border Collie/Boxer mix female puppy there.  But I’m seriously considering the cost factors involved with adding another female to the household (spay fees being a big part of that).  Today when I called the shelter, I was told that the spay is part of their fee, as well as the microchip, and first shots.  So I took a drive, fully intending to bring home this Border Collie pup as a playmate for miss Nissa.  Hey, I figured a Border Collie could get her herding exercise keeping Nissa in line!  Win-win situation for both of them! LOL


When I got to the shelter she had already been adopted out (yeah for her!!!) but I was given the option to look through the kennels to see if there were any other dogs I would be interested in.  I didn’t think there would be, I’ve been watching the website, but apparently the stars were aligned just right.
In the first kennel was this cute little ball of fluff!


She’s all of maybe 3 or 4#?  Maybe?  And I thought, hmmm…. but I walked the entire kennel looking and then came back.  Talked with one of the volunteers there and took her into a room to see how she “played”, all the while thinking “she’s too tiny, Nissa will hurt her”.  After a few minutes of playing with a stuffed toy as big as she is, and shaking it and growling at it and pouncing on it, I decided she probably could hold her own with Nissa.  But still…………some more watching and she came over and curled up in my lap and fell asleep.

Yep, that was it, I was hooked!  Our newest little girl came home, all 3 or 4# of her!  She’s since played with miss Nissa (most of the day!), gotten severely growled at by Cocoa (not unusual), ignored by Snowy (who is spending most of his time these days sleeping on the futon in the office), and getting underfoot!


Isn’t she tiny!  And yet she holds her own with Nissa, all 3# to Nissa’s 14#!!!!!!    And at the end of the day both are tuckered out, although miss Nissa has given me one or two dirty looks today:


Especially when the puppy tries to bite her tail or her ears or her paws.   Aw, poor miss Nissa, payback’s a bitch!!!!  LOL


So I have once again succumbed to puppy eyes, and the household is sure to be a little bit crazier than it was before, but after all, she’s a tiny little thing, she won’t eat much!



And honey, if you’re reading this, I promise, no more dogs, we’re at our limit again!


2 thoughts on “Well, I’ve done it again…………

  1. Another little furball life saved to a forever home! Congrats Mama…and thank you! Now….enough excitement for you? LOL! I’m waiting for lots of pics! And her name is ???

    1. LOL Enough puppy chewing, that’s for sure! LOL One of the two of them got one of my hand-knitted socks while I was sitting in my chair with my feet down. Not sure which as they were both wrapped around my feet. Oh well, it’s mendable (yikes I’m mending socks now! LOL).

      She doesn’t have a name yet, the shelter was calling her Jamie, but DH nixed that name and we’ve yet to come up with another. Right now she comes to the sound of my voice no matter what I say so we’ve got some time for a name.

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