Having taken the weekend off……..

Having taken the ENTIRE weekend off and a long one at that (Wednesday through tonight), I got to enjoy some family time.  DH and the youngest grandson have been busy all weekend, and I’ve spent a lot of time cooking for them.  Something that surprisingly I enjoyed!

But, that didn’t meant I didn’t get “fiber” moments, or flower time.  I have to have those to survive.
First I finished spinning all the singles of the Alpaca/Merino blend I’ve been working on forever:

I’ve already started plying them into a 2-ply yarn, which I hope to have finished by mid-week.

And I wove in the ends of my Vermont Shawl so that I can actually WEAR it!


And I took some time to enjoy the blossoms in the studio.  My Cactus and African Violets really like the light:


This little beauty, planted in a small pot that fits inside a cup was hiding most of it’s blooms on the backside.


Now what to do with the remainder of my weekend?  Dear youngest grand goes home in a couple hours and then I still have the rest of the day to go through…..do I sew, spin, knit, read a book?   So many choices, but I know ONE thing I won’t be doing until tomorrow….going back to work!  ;>)


Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend as much as I’ve enjoyed mine!

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