On The Needles, Friday, November 23, 2012

My hummingbird socks are well on the way to done.  I decided this time to work on both of them at the same  a similar time.  Jumping back and forth from one to the other has proven to be interesting.  I was able to do both gussets before I forgot what I had done to the first, and the same for the heel turn and heel flap.  Now I’m on the downhill, need a good (according to DH but not necessarily my favorite) movie on the tv and I’ll be finished this weekend!


That is, of course, if I don’t allow myself to become too distracted by my latest shawl project.  I liked the variegated red sparkly shawl I made this summer so much for shape and fit that I decided to make another in wool yarn:

This is the Zephyr Shawl pattern by Lauren Scarpo and of all the shawls I’ve made, this is the best fitting.  It actually stays on my shoulders, but is large enough to chase off the chill without being heavy to wear.  As it’s an easy knit, I can see this becoming my favorite “go-to” pattern for a shawl.  The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll Fingering in the “Make Believe” Hand Painted colorway.

And I’m stilllllllllllllll working on spinning the Alpaca/Merino blend, but making progress and starting to think of plying possibilities.  When I start thinking of how I want to ply a yarn, I know I’m getting to the end of the single spinning process.  It’s just how my mind works.


I hope you have all had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and are enjoying the remainder of your weekend in whatever manner brings you joy!

6 thoughts on “On The Needles, Friday, November 23, 2012

    1. Gail, the yarn for the “hummingbird” socks is KnitPicks Felici Self-Striping yarn in the Hummingbird colorway. As they’re plain vanilla knitting, I decided to call them by the yarn colorway name. ;>)

  1. Your hummingbird socks are so pretty. Hummers are one of my favorite little birds. Your shawl looks so delicate. I’m envious of you ladies who know how to knit so well. Guess in my next lifetime I’ll take up knitting first, then quilting! ha

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