On The Needles, Friday, Nov 16, 2012

This week I’ve made some progress on my knitting skills and finished last week’s Plain Vanilla socks.   I have to admit I’m finding this Magic Loop method much quicker, but there’s also an adjustment to make.  If you look carefully at the photo below, you’ll see the second sock (Magic Loop) is much narrower in the foot than the first sock (DPN).

I’ve tried both socks on and they do both fit.  One a little more snug than the other, but they’re for me and I can live with that.  I think I actually like the snuggier (is that a word?) fit of the second sock.  But as I knit on size 0 needles, I didn’t want to go to even smaller DPN’s to get that fit.

Of course, being super smug about my new-found skill with Magic Loop, I decided to try Two at a Time Magic Loop on the next pair of Plain Vanilla socks.

Did you notice they are NOT being done “two at a time”?  LOL  I made it a few rows in on the toes and had untangled the balls of wool so many times I knew I would be frustrated with it.  Since knitting is my relaxing hobby, I slipped the one sock off onto a spare circ and am knitting one at a time.  But I am still using the new (to me) method!

Most of my “yarn” time this week has been spent in snippets not on knitting, but on spinning.  I’m still working on the Alpaca/Merino blend.  I still think I’ll have enough 2-ply yarn when I’m done to knit a shawl.

When I reached the halfway point by weight on the first bobbin, I started the second.  Perhaps I’ll have this all spun up by December?  Maybe?  Possibly?   Since I just started a major remodel of my business website, and it’s the holiday rush season for longarm quilting, and I like to take some time to enjoy the holidays with family, AND we’re still working on training the cute little bundle of fur that now thinks the living room end tables and coffee table are jungle gyms built just for her, I’m making no promises!  :>)


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