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As my longtime readers know, I don’t normally do “product endorsement” type posts.  But on occasion I find something so valuable to me, and I think to others, that I have to share it.  This weekend at SAFF, I did just that!

When I left for the weekend, my “winter hands” were setting in quickly and hard.  The index finger on my right hand was already so torn up in the cuticle that it was red, raw, and looked to be in danger of infection.  I needed something to heal it up quickly.  But, I don’t use scented products, and I don’t like chemicals!  I’ve tried different “hand repair” products put out by the nail polish/beauty industry, and none have done much, some have even actually dried out my hands more!

When your hands are in and out of as much water as mine are, it’s super easy for them to get bad fast.  And with dogs, and rabbits, and chickens, and working on customer quilts (it seems logical to never touch a customer quilt without washing your hands first, especially if you just happened to pet the dog, or bring in a delivery box, or……) to go along with normal household chores mine do.

While at SAFF I happened upon a vendor called The Soap Shed.  They had an entire wall of baskets of different types of soaps, mostly scented, but there were some unscented ones as well.  One product, which I haven’t started to use yet, was a bar of “Appalachian Crafter’s Hand Repair soap.  And it came  UNSCENTED!  ( Have you noticed my aversion to most perfumes yet?)  While I bought a couple bars of that and was paying, with my red, raw hands, the gentleman running the booth pointed me in the direction of his Shea Butter jars.  Skeptic that I am, it IS after all a vendor’s job to sell, he seemed sincere and not high pressure, so I tried his sample.  And OH MY!  My hands just soaked it up!  I bought a small jar and used it during the day and evening, I think I put it on twice more that day.  The next morning when I woke up, my red, raw index finger was no longer red and raw!


Here is the product image from their website:

Shea Butter Cream Salve

Of course I didn’t buy “Hot Flash”  I bought the Raw-Organic version.  Did I mention I don’t like perfumes?  LOL

Before I left SAFF, I purchased a second jar.  One will be in the kitchen, one in the studio, and my hands are already feeling much better from using this cream.  You don’t need much of it, so it seems it will last a long time.  But if I run out, I’ll definitely be purchasing more!

So, if you’re a “winter hands year round” victim like I am, take a look at their website.  Or look them up on Facebook.

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