On The Needles October 12, 2012

I finally found my camera and can post an “On The Needles” post again.  Where has it been you ask?  Sitting under the clear extension table of my sewing machine.  LOL  Yes, I can lose things in plain sight!

I try to keep 3 projects on the needles at all times; full concentration, medium concentration, no concentration.  That way no matter what is going on, I’ve got something to keep my hands busy (and out of the nighttime snacking!).

I’m still working on my “Vermont Leaves” shawl and this would be my full concentration project.  This is a slow knit, as I have to count every stitch of every repeat, in both directions to maintain the pattern, so I need total quiet and no visual distraction to work on it.  But it will definitely be worth it when it’s done and blocked.  I think I’ve got about 50 more rows to go……..unless I extend the size by one extra repeat of the last lace pattern.  Then add another 27 rows to that.  And since I’ve got the yarn to do it and I like longer shawls……


My medium concentration knit this month are my Cable Lagoon socks.  There’s just enough detail in the cables to keep me paying attention, but not so much I can’t still listen to the television or an audio book:


And finally I have my no concentration project on the needles, a pair of Plain Vanilla socks.  I’m using Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock yarn for these in the Mixed Berries colorway (from my stash).  They are completely no concentration, plain knitting and great for nights when DH puts a movie on the television that I really want to watch!


That’s my “On the Needles” for this week.  Hopefully I won’t misplace my camera in plain sight again and I’ll be able to post pics more frequently!

5 thoughts on “On The Needles October 12, 2012

  1. Love cable sock patterns, and the color you are using is just gorgeous! If you don’t mind sharing, could you tell me what the pattern name is, and where it can be found?TYVM!

  2. All your projects look like “full concentration” projects to me. How you can do socks and cable ones at that with watching tv is beyond me. You are GOOD!!! What kind of needles do you use for your socks? I’ve tried several times and so far it hasn’t “taken”. Maybe I need different needles. Mine are metal and very slippery and I can’t hold 4 at once.

    1. Dar, the needles I use for socks are Harmony DPN’s by Knit Picks. I found the metal needles, while strong, to be too slippery for me. And when I tried bamboo needles, I found myself fighting the needle to move the yarn. I like these because they have the warm feel of the wood, but they aren’t super slippery, nor are they extra grabby. I also prefer to work with 6″ DPN’s for socks after I get the toe done. I work the toes on 5″. If I work smaller than 6″ I find the stitches slipping off the ends as well.

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