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On The Needles July 13, 2012

One would think, after being on vacation for two weeks, that I would have a LOT done on my needles.  So one would think.  But with the projects I’m working on, two of which are lace, and the garden coming in as soon as I got home from vacation, and repainting the master bathroom after we returned, that hasn’t happened.  While I’ve not made much progress, I have made noticeable progress on 2 of my projects.


First my socks that are on the needles:

I’m past the heel on the second sock now, and working up the leg, so all I need is some moderately distracted quiet time (i.e. DH watching something I’m not really interested in on tv or a long waiting time at an appointment) and I’ll have these done.  These are my go to project when I can’t totally immerse myself in knitting.

My lavender shawl has not made any progess at all, despite spending several hours working on it.  It’s a “no distraction at all” type project, which I was reminded of when I took a particular row out for the 6th time before I got it right!  Hence the no progress at all, but it is right for pattern and stitch count now.  Perhaps next week I’ll have “progress” pics on it.

The Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl that I’m doing as a KAL is progressing quite nicely.  Although clue #4 was released Tuesday, I’m almost done with clue #3.  I would have been done already, except I decided I wanted it longer and since I have enough yarn to do that, I’m doing at least one (if not 2) extra repeats at the sections marked in the pattern for increasing the length.

But still, with almost 276 stitches on the needles, and lace, I think I’ve made remarkable progress on it.  Hey, it’s hard to find absolute non-distraction time to work on this.  I’ve even resorted to turning on some light jazz for background music to help me concentrate on the stitch counting!  It’s amazing what the right background music will do to help the progress.

And a close-up of the patterning so far:

Hopefully more progress next week, but it all depends on how many tomatoes come in and how much other stuff comes to picking time in the garden between now and next Friday.


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Until next time……………………

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