On the Needles — June 15, 2012

I’ve got the same two projects on the needles this week as last, but I’ve made progress on both.

My socks are coming along nicely, I try not to hurry plain vanilla socks as they are my “mindless” knitting time.  Times like when the grandson is explaining things to me, or we’re watching a show together, or he’s swimming in the pool and I need something “mindless” to keep my hands busy.  I’m past the heel and working on the leg of the first sock now:

The only part of plain vanilla socks that isn’t mindless for me is turning the heel, I have to count every stitch of every row for that.  But the heel itself, being a slip stitch heel once again becomes mindless.  ;>)

The shawl is progressing beautifully, but I have to admit I don’t think it will be finished this coming week.  The lace, while keeping me fully alert and excited to see it progress, does take time.  And this shawl has a lot of lace!  So much lace that I am actually using a lifeline for the first time ever in my knitting.

The youngest grand and I spent some time talking while I skeined two bobbins of yarn I had previously spun onto the niddy noddy and then tied in preparation for washing.

The blue/grey/brown yarn I spun to make my DH a hat  for his winter travels north.  And as I bought two 4oz braids to spin, I probably have enough to make a hat, scarf and gloves!!!!  Although I suspect he’d only wear the hat.   The yellow/blue skein was spun because I fell in LOVE with the Bluebird colorway from Funhouse Fibers and had to have it!

‘Here’s a closeup of the Bluebird spun up that shows just exactly why I fell in love with those colors:


That’s what’s “on the needles” this week.  My goals for the upcoming week are to finish the Cottonwood Leaves lace pattern repeats on the lavendar shawl, finish the lavendar/blue/green yarn on the wheel, and complete the first of the socks for this pair of plain vanillas.  If I manage to get into the foot of the second sock that would be bonus as the garden is coming in and I’ve got several customer quilts to longarm this coming week as well.


8 thoughts on “On the Needles — June 15, 2012

  1. The shawl is going to be beautiful. I find I have to have absolute quiet to knit lace. I am too easily distracted by noise.

    1. Thanks! I can do music in the background when I’m knitting lace, but definitely not talking or the visual distraction of the tv.

  2. Now that I have the “new” sock book you mentioned in your post last week, I’m anxious to mix and match and learn to knit toe up.

    I agree with you that there is always time to do plain vanilla.

  3. I wonder if all of us sock knitters keep a pair of plain jane socks on the needles for those times we have to knit while paying attention to something else. Love your shawl. The Pamuya that I’m wanting to do . . I’ll use lifelines in it and that will be the first time I’ve ever done it too.

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