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Just checking in to share a few photos.  It’s a super busy time of year here, lots of yard work and gardening, always knitting and quilting (mine and customer quilts) and with the chickens and the dogs, well there’s not a lot of down time at the computer.

The chickens are growing up, they’re about 14 weeks old now and getting bigger.  Most are girls:

But there’s the “one” in the group that’s so far staying very quiet vocally, but still:

Yep!  That one at the front is the exact (give or take a day) same age as the others!  sigh…………

And of course I’ve been quilting.  A lot of the quilts going out now I don’t know if they’re going to hang for my customers in the Mooresville Centerpiece Quilt Guild show in July, so I’m holding back on pictures of them.  But here’s one of mine I’ve been making slow and not so steady progress on piecing:

I’ve been asked if I will make this into a pattern and I can emphatically say NO.  Every angle in the yellow of the four center blocks is a different degree and needs individual templates made for it.  This is definitely OOAK (one of a kind).

And in the evenings after I’m done work, I’m doing some knitting.  I finished my Bells and Bobbles shell (even though this picture is still on the stitch holders it’s done):

My friend Rene and I have both cast on our Vermont Shawls that we’re knitting together.  Mine’s in lavendar and hers is a gorgeous shade of green:

I’ve cast on my YOSS June 2012 Plain Vanilla socks:

Swatched for the WendyKnits Summer Solstice Mystery Shawl KAL that starts later this month:

And did I mention that while all this was going on Baci developed some type of growth/thing inside his jaw and had to have surgery to remove it!  Poor little guy when I took him to the vet and left him for surgery:

Poor little guy, at first I thought abscessed tooth, but when they did the surgery it was up closer to the jaw bone with some ulceration at the bone so we’re waiting on the biopsy reports to know if it was an abscess or not.  Of course his nose is back to normal now and it only slowed him down for a day or two.  He did end up losing 3 more teeth and although he’s only got 2 teeth left, he’s STILL eating dry kibble (the mini chunk stuff).

Okay, that’s enough pics for now.  The tomato plants are starting to blossom, and the heirloom is up to my shoulders; the summer squash has set about 20 squash, the beets need pulled and canned, the potatoes are blooming, the first green pepper has been picked, the corn is as tall as I am and I can feel another spurt of activity coming on…………..this time in the kitchen!

3 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. I think I have finally found someone that is busier with life than Judy L. and ME! I loved your pics and all your activities. Do you make any time for sleeping?? If so, I’m sure it’s not much. 🙂

    1. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get an extra 6 hours a day in for all the things I want to do, but haven’t yet quite given up sleeping totally! LOL

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