Salvaging a pair of shoes

I had found the PERFECT pair of shoes for the summer.  Leather flats with some style to them.  Wide enough to fit my feet, but narrow on the heel, just perfect!

Of course I inadvertently wore them one day up to the chicken coop and they not only pecked at my red toenails, but also those little buttons and threads on the shoes.

And within a week my shoes fell apart, right by the bottom button.  Coincidence, I think not, but I did it to myself.

So now I make sure I wear my grey rubber crocks with the closed toes when I go up to the coop, but those were my favorite pair of shoes and I didn’t want to throw them away.  I loved them!  They were comfortable!

Figuring I had nothing to lose, I took the scissors to them and now find myself with an even more comfortable pair of shoes!

But I need to put one of the buttons I took off on the cross section of the front straps as there’s a hole there where the pop rivet used to be under the buttons.

And which chicken was the culprit?  Well, it could have been this one, my second largest of my dark reds:

Or it could have been this one, my most curious one:

It probably wasn’t this one, my littlest and most “chicken” chicken (she’s the one who had the injured wing at a week old and now doesn’t like to be touched):

Or it might even have been this one (the one I’m waiting for it to either lay an egg or crow to determine gender, I mean LOOK at the comb and wattle!!):

In the end, it matters not which one it was, what does matter is that I learned my lesson about shoes (and painted toenails) around chickens and was able to salvage my favorite pair of shoes into a still wearable pair.


Oh and I bought another pair just like them to wear when I go out as I did love the detail on the original ones so very much!

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