ISO, the internet term for “in search of”.   And for once, I am going to use it for myself.

After many years of destashing bits and leftovers of yarn to various groups and people who use the yarn for many items like granny squares and freeform crochet, I am finding that I am dipping my toes into the freeform crochet arena just a bit.  But, I have no bits and pieces of yarns to use!

LOL  Now how did that happen?  I have a few sock yarn leftover bits from the last little bit of making socks, but none other.

So, I am ISO small leftover balls of sock yarns and other wool yarns.  I prefer not to have cotton as it’s lack of bounce is difficult for me to work with, and I really would rather NOT have acrylic yarns.  No, I am not a yarn snob, I just don’t want acrylic in the project I am dipping my toes into this freeform world with.  Now if I had a project planned for a youngster that needed washed a thousand times, then I would probably be looking for acrylics, but this is for me and I do know how to care for wool yarn properly.

Pretty picky for someone asking for an ISO?  Yes, probably, but if I don’t ask for what I need to work the project, I’ll only end up destashing the bits elsewhere again.

So, if you are reading this, and you have bits and leftovers of sock yarns, or other wool yarns (from fingering to bulky), please leave me a comment or e-mail me and let’s see what type of exchange we can do!


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