It’s my day off!

Most Fridays I take the day off from work.  I’ve done this for several years now, and have no intention of stopping the weekly treat unless life forces me to.  Today was not a “forced to stop” day, so I enjoyed it.

After a trip into town, and a little more info on why my arm has been bothering me so much, I took myself off to do some shopping.  Not the fun stuff, but the necessary things, like groceries.  And although a pair or two of denim capris may have made it into my shopping bag, the torture of trying on bathing suits was enough to temper the fun of shopping.  Which, by the way, leaves me wondering WHY is it only the end of March and the stores are almost sold OUT of a selection of bathing suits?  It’s not even warm enough to swim yet!  Aw, but that’s the way retail seems to work.

When I returned home, I found a package in my mailbox that had me giggling like a little kid.  (take that bathing suit shopping!) It was from my friend Kim and contained the Angora fiber that I plan to spin with the Lambswool I received from Janet last week.

Isn’t it GORGEOUS!  There’s 1.5 oz of the Satin Angora, 1.23 oz of the Red English Angora, and 4.5 oz of the lambswool.  My plan is to wash/process the lambswool, then card them together and spin a fingering weight to make myself a pair of fingerless mitts.  Hey, if I’m going to all that work, the end product is going to keep my hands warm and snuggly next winter!

After I quit giggling, I took a walk around the yard.  First up, check on the coop and see if I needed to open a window.  It was debatable, but I did anyways.  And the girls are always willing to oblige for a picture.  They are so funny when they see the camera, they just have to come investigate!

They’ve grown quite a bit since they came home, and their individual coloring is starting to really show.  I’m still not sure exactly what they are, and whether or not there’s a roo in there (I think there might be 2 of the 8 that are potentially roos).

And of course when we leave the coop, Miss Cocoa Puff just MUST, absolutely MUST make a pest of herself with every step I take back down to the house as I was paying attention to something Other. Than. Her!

And then run down to the house and hide in the garden that needs weeded.

See the brown arrow pointing to her.  I know she does this just to draw my attention to all the digging work I need to do that she would be “oh so happy” to help me with!

And when you live in my world, occasionally you take really strange pictures:

The above picture is apparently what happens when you bump the button to take a picture as you’re moving the camera to insert the USB cord to download pictures.  LOL  Only in my world!  LOL

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