A little walk, a little spindling

Cocoa and I took a little walk around the property for our afternoon break to survey the damage and new growth since the storm earlier this week.  She’s doing much better walking on the leash, she no longer panics that I’m taking her away and actually wiggles when she goes out the door.  A major improvement in confidence, but we still haven’t gotten to where she doesn’t try to walk between my feet, yet.

We started our walk by heading to the front of the property where I thought I saw the Lilac blooming when I came home from town this morning.  And I was right, it is blooming, in it’s protected spot between the Silver King Maple and the hollies.

I was advised when we moved here that due to the climate I could either have an Old Fashioned Lilac or a Persian Lilac.  The difference being, as I was told, that the Old Fashioned Lilac may not blossom every year as we don’t get cold winters every year, but the Persian Lilac is not supposed to have any scent.  I chose the Persian Lilac as it was going in the far front corner of the property so the visual was more important to me than the aroma at that distance.  And it has blossomed every year, the bonus being that this year it also has that wonderful lilac aroma.  Although it is so faint you have to literally put your nose into the blossoms to smell it….. and yes, I did.

Coming back along the front of the property, I stopped to examine the Redbuds.  They were in full blossom when the hail storm hit and now they look very dilapidated and brown.  On close inspection I can see why, the blossoms are shredded, and I hope the tree will leaf out okay.

As I looked up to the house I noticed Snowy watching.  I’d like to think he was watching me, but I know he was watching every step of where his Little Miss Cocoa Puff was going without him.  Silly dog.

So being the rather mean mommy I am, we detoured by the garden to inspect the damage instead of my bringing her directly back to him.  My Swiss Chard isn’t looking very good after the storm and I’m hoping it will come back as well, this was one of the least damaged plants.


We ended our walk coming into the studio porch where I moved the blueberry bushes to shelter as the storm was coming in, and as I was able to do that they still have the hope of ripening blueberries on them.  Although I don’t know how well these will survive the transplant into their permanent positions (I have no prior blueberry experience).


Finally entering the studio where Cocoa had her leash removed and she immediately ran out the back door with Snowy to play.  And I sat down here at the computer to transfer my pictures from my camera and was distracted by my spindling.  This is the new spindle and I love how thin I’m able to spin with it.  I’ve put a nickel in the photo for size reference.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more quilting (pantograph) to do yet today and some little chickens to check on.

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  1. Judy, Swiss Chard is one of those wonderful greens that if you snip it, it grows back 🙂 Romaine lettuce the same….. so you can snip them back and keep getting more out of the same plant…… until it gets hot enough for them to go to seed…. I’m still eating off my last September planting…. just planted more so the mutt can have his share and leave me some 😉 LOVE the spindle!!!!!

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