They’re still growing (which is a good thing!)

This morning I decided to take my Iphone out and take a few pics at their eye level instead of mine.  So I stuck the phone (with it’s protective case) down to deck level in the coop and started snapping pics.  I ended up with a few that show the curiosity they are exhibiting:

This is a typical “good morning” pose when I first open the coop door:

Then we get to the “what do you have for me” look:

Followed by the “run away it’s strange” for the turquoise Iphone case:

And ending up with (on the left side) the “I’ll get it” up close inspection:

At which point I decided to pull the phone out of the case so it wouldn’t get damaged.  LOL


Gotta love their curiosity!

1 thought on “Growing

  1. LOL Aren’t they fun!!!!!!!! My big girls think they are going to free range everytime I come out of the house these days and run to the door and talk to me 😉

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