A little hand carding

Slowly I’ve been processing some fiber in preparation for spinning.  Earlier this spring I purchased some unwashed Merino locks from Janet at  Catawampus Farms and under the guidance of some friends washed and dried them.

Although at the time I was CONVINCED I had felted them in the washing process, Susan reminded me I’ve got enough experience with fiber to relax and let them dry.  LOL  She was right, I didn’t felt them and they dried just fine.

Now I’m starting the hand carding process with them and some dyed Soy Silk that I purchased at SAFF last October:

With the end result of this stage being some really pretty blending in the rolags:

They aren’t perfect rolags by far, but they’ll work for my purposes.

Lessons learned in the process so far:

1.  Washing locks isn’t that scary and I enjoy the process.

2.  Have patience while they dry.

3.  12 oz of Merino and 4 oz of Soy Silk is a LOT of hand carding.

4.  I really want a drum carder as I’m the impatient/instant gratification type; but hand carding has it’s own calming soothing rewards too!

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